Contents Development

An endless choice of contents, which are constantly updated
Sweet Hotel TV offers an infinite choice of contents to promote your services to your Hotel clients. Furthermore, it guarantees a complete package of local information and world news to keep your clients up-to-date.
Sweet Hotel TV’s CMS enables you to modify contents from any computer, tablet or S
smartphone that has a live internet connection.
Information points can take the form of totem touch screens, wall monitors or TV channels in each and every hotel room. Starting today, your clients can interact with your Sweet Hotel TV through their tablet or smartphone and thereby stay informed even when they are not inside the Hotel.

System functions

· Content change
· Content timeline
· Personalisation of each single point
· Client access
· Hit counter
· Information and map printing

Possible contents

· Events, sales meetings
· Bar & restaurant menu
· SPA packages
· Hotel promotions
· 3D Hotel
· Hotel map
· Social network contents
· City events
· World news
· Check-in and check-out information

Digital Signage